Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Value of Driver Performance Monitoring

The Value of Driver Performance Monitoring

With the high cost of fuel, many companies have been looking at new ways to save money on fuel costs, so that they can stay profitable and competitive. This video shows how our GPS tracking system helps save money on fuel and maintenance costs. Of course, saving money on fuel and maintenance costs are just two of the many benefits that companies receive with GPS tracking.

Video Overview:
This video shows how Geotab's in-vehicle buzzer can be used to modify driver behaviour and save money on fuel and maintenance costs when the Geotab built-in accelerometer is activated due to erratic driver behaviour. Geotab's enhanced built-in accelerator will not be activated on bumpy roads or when passing over railroad tracks, however lateral swerve, harsh acceleration and deceleration are detected.

• The enhanced accelerometer can detect impact at low speed, thereby helping you understand and defend against accident claims, while also reducing driver claims of "unknown cause of the vehicle damage". Driver claims of "unknown cause of the vehicle damage" will be reduced when business owners or operations staff can show the driver proof of the exact knowledge of how, when and by who the damage was caused.
• The in-vehicle buzzer helps modify driver behaviour in real-time, thereby helping save money on fuel and maintenance costs.
• The reporting system records vehicle events in a historical log and can also send alerts such as email or text messages in real-time to operations personnel or business owners to take immediate action in the event of a serious issue.
• Driver safety is improved when erratic driver behaviour is modified. The built-in accelerometer can even detect erratic driving caused by texting or emailing when driving.
• Driver behaviour modification helps preserve the company image on company branded trucks.
• When the accelerometer G-force technology is combined with the measurements of engine health, engine idling, after hours vehicle use and out of business zone usage, these factors can be used to rate and modify driver behaviour, while cutting costs and improving customer service.

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