Sunday, February 20, 2011

Increase Productivity with a GPS Fleet Tracking System

Increase Productivity with the GPS Tracking Canada's Fleet Management System
Add More Jobs each Workday without Additional Headcount

GPS Tracking Canada's Fleet Tracking system makes it easier than ever to account for your vehicles and your overall business productivity. Doing more with less has become a necessity for businesses of all sizes. Now it’s possible to add more jobs each workday without additional headcount or vehicles. Some businesses have reported an increase in work orders completed after implementing GPS Tracking Canada's Fleet Tracking system.

Business productivity is a vital fleet management metric to measure and manage. Yet, many businesses find that productivity can be elusive to track accurately.  Companies that implement GPS Tracking Canada's Fleet tracking system report that on the clock or after hours, they are able to monitor their entire fleet to ensure driver productivity. This increased productivity adds significant revenue to the top line as well as profits to the bottom line of businesses of all sizes in any industry.

GPS Tracking Canada's Fleet tracking system increases the productivity of your business:

    * Monitor the start time and end time of your mobile worker's day – add lost hours to the workday
    * Dispatch work to the closest vehicle – send work orders and changes based on worker proximity.
    * Optimize routes – steer clear of obstacles such as accidents, construction and other traffic challenges.
    * Track the location of your fleet – each vehicle is a potential job or delivery stop.
    * Review fleet summary and detailed driver reports – track metrics, trends and patterns of workflow.

GPS Tracking Canada's Fleet tracking system will quickly pay for itself by adding more revenue to each workday, while tracking mobile worker productivity without the burden of additional operational costs. Times are challenging for business owners.  Isn’t it time you found a way to increase productivity that didn’t add costs to your daily operations?

Learn how GPS Tracking Canada's Fleet tracking system can work for you.

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