Monday, December 13, 2010

GPS tracking: fleet and vehicle tracking cuts overtime costs

When you have a vehicle tracking installed you can cut down on the number of overtime hours. This is simply because a tracking system can for the most part:

1)      Increase productivity, which means that more work is getting done in the standard working hours.

2)      Eliminate false overtime claims. In other words cut down on people saying they did overtime when they did not.

3)      Taking routes that are longer to travle or take longer because of traffic.

A vehicle tracking solution can easily pay for itself in the first 2-3 months, with reduced overtime costs. This does not take into account savings you can make on fuel costs.

When you look at the big picture the cost of gps vehicle tracking, it is by far outweighed by the savings you make. In fact the savings are so great that it can almost seem ridiculous not to get a vehicle tracking system installed.

The benefits to using GPS tracking for fleet tracking are many and great, which helps you improve your bottom line.

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