Monday, November 8, 2010

GPS Fleet Management For Your Vehicle Fleet helps lower your fuel bills

GPS Tracking Canada can help your company manage and lower your fleet's fuel costs. Your vehicle fuel bills can be lower because your can monitor and manage your fleet's: engine idling, vehicle speeding and personal use. Your drivers know that they are being monitored so speeding, idling and personal use can be reduced. Dispatchers can also send the closest vehicle to the customer or supplier to increase efficiency, improve customer service and use less fuel. In many cases these combined factors can help lower fuel consumption up to 15-20%, thereby helping both the environment and your bottom line.

For more information, or for a calculation on your return on investment, or to request a live demo, visit GPS Tracking Canada at our website:
Available across Canada, including major cities such as Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Hamilton, London, Kitchener, Windsor, Barrie, Sudbury, Halifax, Winnipeg
and any more cities across Canada.

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