Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Using GPS tracking to review fleet performance – the smart way

There are two ways to review the performance of your fleet – using intuition (‘gut feeling’) or actual historical data. Managers who follow their ‘gut’ will often rely on their experience to make assumptions about fleet performance, and then base strategic decisions on these assumptions. But this can be dangerous, because they may overlook vital pieces of the fleet management puzzle. It’s difficult to make smart decisions when you don’t have the full story.

A fleet being managed by intuition can fall victim to the old business adage ‘extinct by instinct’.

While experience can provide good guidance, it is best combined with actual data to offer a foundation for making intelligent business decisions. How can you collect valuable performance data on your fleet when drivers work remotely or in isolation?

GPS fleet tracking is a common option for modern managers who want to be able to review how well their fleet is performing.

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