Friday, August 13, 2010

GPS Tracking for Fleet Tracking and Vehicle Tracking Brings Savings To Your Company

 One of the major elements of a GPS tracking system is a GPS positioning detector which pinpoints a vehicle’s location via signals it receives from a variety of orbiting satellites; it then sends this information to the second part of the system, the tracking server.
GPS tracking systems send alerts for a variety of mechanical warnings such as high water temperature, low oil pressure, low battery and brake light failure; even scheduling for routine maintenance, saving the fleet manager a raft of tasks and freeing him up to focus on other tasks. Even fuel usage can be monitored, with sudden changes in fuel level.
Business intelligence resides within the tracking server, allowing the system to be configured to the requirements of a particular user. The server sends data to other business support systems if required.  GPS tracking alerts for excessive vehicle speed or engine idling are generated and transmitted to specified individuals such as the driver, the fleet manager or the owner.

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