Saturday, August 7, 2010

Being Environmentally Friendly Can Save You Money When You Use GPS Tracking

With GPS Tracking systems for fleet tracking and vehicle tracking, being more environmentally friendly and saving money can come hand in hand.
If you save money on fuel by using less fuel then this will equal less expense and lower co2 omissions. Going at speeds over 100kmh can be costly on fuel. According to Environment Canada, travelling at 120 kmh uses 20% more fuel than travelling at 100kmh.
GPS tracking for vehicle tracking and fleet tracking can lower your fuel consumption in a variety of ways. GPS Tracking systems can help you to make your employees drive more efficiently and you can also put an end to personal use of company vehicles using company purchased fuel. GPS vehicle tracking systems also enable you run a more streamlined, more organised and efficient fleet which will mean your total mileage over your entire fleet will be much lower. This will of course mean you use less fuel.
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