Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More Companies are using GPS Tracking For Fleet Tracking and Vehicle Tracking (Part2 of 2)

(See part 1of2 here. )

6. Your system can tell you the exact time and date each employee reached each customer. If a customer questions when your employee arrived or left --prove it to them.
7. Is one employee more productive than another? --Check the data. Is it time to add a vehicle? --Use your system and there's no more guessing.
8. Use your system to correlate overtime performed with your employees' overtime requests. See who is putting in extra time.
9. Never make another phone call to find out where your employees say they are.
10. Simplify asset management by displaying everything on one computer screen. Make work easier for your dispatcher.
11. Tracking systems work without any input from the driver. No driver logs needed.

Purchasers of GPS vehicle tracking systems can obtain a return on investment within a few months or they can receive a multi-fold return on investment in the very first month if they decide on the leasing option.

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