Monday, July 12, 2010

Four Key Benefits for Businesses to use GPS Tracking for Fleet and Vehicle Tracking

Improve Customer Service:
    * Accurately predict arrival times
    * Faster pickups and deliveries (dispatch closest vehicle)
    * Reduce driver tardiness
    * Resolve billing disputes (Intelli-statusTM  records arrival and depature times)

Driver/Employee Management:

    * Assist lost drivers
    * Reduce employee down/wait time
    * Reduce stress on dispatch personnel
    * Better management decisions (attract/retain best employees, improved scheduling)


    * Serve more customers in less time
    * Reduce fuel consumption
    * Reduce wear and tear on fleet
    * Eliminate excessive idle time
    * Minimize unauthorized use and after-hours use of company assets
    * Use fewer vehicles to do equal or more work

Safety & Security:

    * Help locate and recover stolen vehicles
    * Locate broken-down vehicle
    * Direct assistance to a distressed driver

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