Monday, June 28, 2010

What Are Some of The Benefits of a GPS Vehicle Tracking System?

As we have mentioned before there are many benefits of having a vehicle tracking system fitted into your vehicle or a company vehicles. These consist of the following few reasons.

Lower Insurance Costs

Many insurance companies are in favour of having a vehicle tracking system fitted in cars as there is more of a chance that a stolen vehicle will be recovered, if stolen. Therefore to promote this system, many insurance companies are providing their customers with discounts on their insurance premiums.

Lower Fuel Costs

With the costs of fuel prices constantly on the rise from week to week, it is important that we try to keep the usage to a minimum as and when we can. With a vehicle tracking system fitted, we are able to monitor the time that we waste in stationary traffic or following a longer route. Vehicle tracking systems can be programmed to give you a route planner, helping you to lower costs by refuelling less.

Monitoring Of Vehicle Usage

This mainly applies to a company with fleet vehicles. We all know that from time to time, staff members will use the “office hours” to do their own personal things, whether this be visiting family members or doing the weekly shop. Most employers do not mind this to a certain extent. If a vehicle tracking system is fitted in to the vehicle then the employers are able to monitor the time spent in the wrong place or how long a vehicle is parked up for. This will enable employers to act upon the usage of the vehicle for personal things.

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