Tuesday, June 29, 2010

GPS Tracking and Your Business: Improving Fleet Operations

What is GPS Tracking?
A GPS tracking unit is a device that provides the exact location of a vehicle, cell phone, person, or other object by use of the Global Positioning System. There is a large variety of GPS tracking units available to suit your individual needs. Many fleet-based businesses have recently begun to implement GPS tracking systems in order to improve productivity and reduce costs.

With the use of a properly implemented, individualized GPS tracking solution, business owners have the insight and information necessary to manage their fleet at an optimal level.

How can GPS Tracking Improve Operations?
In addition to real time tracking of your fleet, a robust GPS tracking solution should provide: unlimited vehicle history, engine diagnostics, messaging, alerts, routing, and detailed reporting of each.

Imagine having the ability to communicate with your entire fleet in real time, provide customers with accurate estimated times of arrival, reroute vehicles in order to save time and determine which of your drivers is the most and the least efficient. How about receiving an alert every time one of your vehicles is in need of maintenance or repair? A GPS Tracking System can make this all possible.

If, for example, you have a rush on a delivery or there has been a change in a driver's schedule, you can easily communicate with that driver and reset their course. Your GPS Tracking System also enables you to analyze idle time and determine if any of your vehicles are traveling at unlawful speeds.

Benefits of a robust GPS tracking system:
  • Improve Driver Efficiency
  • Improve Response Time
  • Save Fuel Costs
  • Increase the Life and Performance of Your Fleet
  • Improve Vehicle Safety
Knowing the precise location of every vehicle in your fleet is incredibly valuable information. Such information allows you to run a nimble business and provides invaluable insight into every aspect of your fleet's operations.
Do the research, talk to other fleet managers, and learn how an advanced GPS fleet tracking system can reduce fuel and labor costs, extend the life of your fleet, and improve driver safety. You can also speak to the people at GPS Tracking Canada.

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