Tuesday, June 29, 2010

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FleetTrackingToronto said...

In this video testimonial, Ed Kapala General Manager of Destiny Resources Services speaks about the following:

- Concerned with driver safety due to excessive speed
- Need to reduce cost of vehicle repairs due to accidents and excessive speed
- Need to reduce cost of fuel one of highest costs

Resolution - Implement the Telus Fleet Tracking System:
+ Easy to use, intuitive solution
+ Let employees know that tracking system installed
+ System starts reporting excessive speeds
+ Employees modify behavior

Payback Cost Savings and Driver Safety:
+ 10% savings in fuel costs due to lower vehicle speeds
+ 10% savings in maintenance costs due to lower vehicle speeds and fewer accidents
+ Company is more efficient due to lower fuel and maintenance costs by implementing an easy to use fleet tracking system
+ Drivers are safer due to lower vehicle speeds

FleetTrackingToronto said...

At GPS Tracking Canada, we help companies with vehicles save money on fuel and labour costs.
Providing GPS tracking solutions that are customized for your business and tailored to your budget.
Contact us for any type of GPS tracking solutions: GPS vehicle tracking, GPS fleet tracking, GPS asset tracking, GPS resource tracking, GPS fleet efficiency and GPS fleet management solutions for the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario and Canada.

-reduce labour costs by increasing employee productivity
-reduce vehicle fuel cost and maintenance costs
-reduce vehicle emissions
-improve customer service
-increase driver safety
-vehicle theft recovery tool


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