Monday, October 5, 2009

Soon every business that has vehicles will use GPS vehicle tracking.

Why? Because it costs too much not to have GPS vehicle tracking. It's not a matter of "if", but "when". It's only a matter of whether the business owner will install GPS tracking to pull ahead of the competition or to keep up with the competition.

Here’s the logic and the reality:
  • No employee (even a model employee) is 100% productive.
  • Every employer measures and monitors every employee’s productivity through a variety of different methods
  • Fleet tracking gives employers a much more accurate tool to measure and monitor employee productivity and customer service.
  • The ability to control a cost is directly related to the accuracy of the measurement.”
  • Most employees will become more productive when they are aware that their job performance is more accurately measured and monitored
  •  Fleet tracking is being used to cut costs and increase revenues in every industry that has employees driving vehicles.
  •  Fleet tracking provides most companies a minimum 2 or 3 times return on investment in the very first month
  • Most business owners do not readily adopt change until after their competition has adopted the change.
  • Over 95% of businesses, who commit to installing one or two units, quickly outfit all of their vehicles with vehicle tracking.

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