Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fleet Tracking Testimonial - Cut Costs and Increase Driver Safety

In this video testimonial, Ed Kapala General
Manager of Destiny Resources Services
speaks about the following:

- Concerned with driver safety due to excessive speed
- Need to reduce cost of vehicle repairs due to accidents and excessive speed
- Need to reduce cost of fuel – one of highest costs

Resolution - Implement the Telus Fleet Tracking System:
+ Easy to use, intuitive solution
+ Let employees know that tracking system installed
+ System starts reporting excessive speeds
+ Employees modify behavior

Payback – Cost Savings and Driver Safety:
+ 10% savings in fuel costs due to lower vehicle speeds

+ 10% savings in maintenance costs due to lower vehicle speeds and fewer accidents

+ Company is more efficient due to lower fuel and maintenance costs by implementing an easy to use fleet tracking system

+ Drivers are safer due to lower vehicle speeds

  For more information,or a calculation on your return on investment, or to request a live demo, visit GPS Tracking Canada at our website:

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Ellie: well done! Great information presented. I am happy you decided to share your services by blogging.
Looking forward to hear more!


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